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Dear BCA Students,

How to create BCA projects Project writing is crucial and integral part of BCA course. It is an important to part of completion of Repo IGNOU BCA Project Report for IGNOU or any other University It provides student's opportunity to get first hand experience of technology and skills required for industry. These are the steps you need to follow while creating a project.

Step 1:

Technology selection for BCA Project Report.

This is the basic and first step in the technical project development. Explore all the various technological optional available to you for project development. As technology is changing and evolving at rapid pace, Students are advised to choose latest version of the technologies. The main purpose of project development is to get real time exposure to current technology used in the industry. And be practical in this matter. It's better to select a technology in which you have a strong hold rather then opting for most popular one. Some very popular technologies used for project development:

Front end technologies: -.Net -Java -VB -PHP -C/C++

Back End technologies: -SQL Sever -Oracle -MySQL -Ms Access

Step 2:

Topic Selection BCA Project

Once you have selected the technology, this is the second step of project development. Topic selection in the project development means the concept on which you want to create software. There are so many common topics in which student create projects every year

for example: Library Management System. Selecting a very common topic for project development has its own advantage and as well disadvantage. Advantage you will get is all the requirements are well known and its design will be quite easier and also you may reuse some of components of older created projects. And disadvantage is that many students select same topic every year so there will be more than one student who will make project on same topic and therefore there will comparison among them.

University may reject your project if it is a duplicate project, so it's better to be original and create a new project for the same topic. Students should have knowledge of fundamental requirements of the topic. At this stage, they can ignore technical challenges in the project. Topic should fulfill guidelines set by university or else university will reject the project for vague or insufficient topic. They can consult there guide or faculty while finalizing the topic of the projects. Guide or faculty will be able to judge better whether the selected topic is a valid and is worth to create a project on that

Step 3:

Synopsis Creation Once topic and technology are decided, you need to start working on your project. There are two parallel sides on which you need to work while project development:

[1] Project Development

[2] Learning Technology Start learning technology on which you want to create project along with working on your project. These two activity need to be executed in parallel. Follow SLDC (software development life cycle). Understand the functional and non functional requirements of the project. Indentify all components and there sub components for the project. Create flow charts, USE CASE, DFDs, ER diagrams for the project. Once you done with all this, you are good to create a synopsis of the project. Follow the guidelines set of university for writing synopsis of the project. Submit the prepared synopsis to university for approval. Ideal synopsis should contain 15-20 pages.

Step 4:

Project Coding After you have created the synopsis and finished the second phase (Design) of SLDC, Students are advised to actually start coding for the project. Take technical help from your project guide.

Step 5:

Project Report creation This is last yet very crucial part. Believe me, most important and scoring part is report creation. You need to create report as per guidelines set by universities. Report should contain good amount of design documents. You can put some crucial code in the report however it's better to give complete CD of the project executable of the project. A good report will contain approx 100-120 page. Some important things which student should not forget to include in the project reports - Complete SRS DFD upto level 2 ER diagrams Data Dictionary USE CASE Test cases How to order BCA Project Report for IGNOU or any other University. If you are professional and lack the time then we will send you the Project Report through email only.

The procedure will be as follows

1) Get yourself registered through an email or Mobile: 09649744766

2) We will get back through the email. Our Payment Mode is as follows 1. Fifty Percent Payment before writing the Project Proposal or Synopsis 2. Fifty Percent before writing the Project Report. The Total Fee for the Project Report is : INR 4,000(Four Thousand only) Please note that the specific features of the BCA Project Report done by us is as follows 1. It will be high quality custom-made Project Report. 2. It will be written by the BCA and Technology Experts. 3. We will help you from Selection of the Topic to the Final Approval of the Project Report.


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